Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guess what's No Stinking Good?

Some people have an arsenal of excuses as to why they can't live out their dreams or walk in their gifts.  Most of those excuses are like rotten apples: No stinking good for the whole bunch.
Pensacola Helene
Pick one?

There are a few reasons that apples rot, but the one we'll use for this blog is fungus. Fungus is a type of bacteria that gets into the apple through an open wound or a cut or bruise. Once that fungus gets into the apple, unless a miracle happens, the fungus starts to eat and destroy everything about the apple. It breaks down, exposes, and damages the apple's mind, the apple's body, and the apple's abilities to be a gift to the apple-a-day people. Some apples just give in to the rot and call it a day. Others manage to survive and become the gift of being the-apple-a-day-that-keeps-the-doctor-away gift and serve their purpose on earth.

People, like apples, have open wounds or cuts or bruises that let in fungus and they never serve their purpose on earth. You may be a writer or some other gifted person, but an open wound has allowed a fungus of bacterial thoughts into your mind and heart. What is your fungus or your inner excuses: I'm not good enough. I came from a dysfunctional family. I'm too old. I'm too young. I'm don't have the looks. I don't have the education. I have no money. I'm afraid. I might fail. I might get criticized or rejected. I can't do it. I can't write as well as others. I'm not as gifted.

These kind of inner conversations are the fungus that rot away a beautiful green or red apple. We settle for the fungus and live out what's comfortable: rot and all. We can hide the rot for a long time but then others begin to see signs of it too. As the years past, some people might call that rot... regret.

Life is waiting for you and each of us has a designated audience that desires and needs our gift. They will never receive what only YOU were gifted to give, unless you get rid of the fungus that's growing in your heart and mind. You can do anything you were gifted to do, because it's a created part of you and your genetic make-up. In other words, you have a predisposition for the gift that is inside of you.  However, it's up to you. The apple theory - that one rotten apple spoils the whole bunch - is true.

What if your gift is needed by people in Germany or New York, who needs to encounter your gift in order to jumpstart or inspire their own dreams and gifts. But you never serve your purpose or use your gift and thus the people in Germany or New York never serve or use theirs. Get rid of your fungus or your inner excuses, because your gift is needed, and plus EXCUSES are just no stinking good for the whole bunch!

Feel free to pick one of the apples off my tree picture. 

Pensacola Helene

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Do you have a Leaky cup in your hand?

When you go to the world begging for your needs to be met by something or someone, it is the same as walking through life with a leaking cup in your hand.
Pensacola Helene

Does your cup have a leak?

When I speak about needs in this blog, I'm not talking about basic needs such as water, food, clothing, a place to live, or the apple a day that keeps the doctor away. I am talking about the private needs you have that create an inner belief that you are living with some kind of deficiency. What does this have to do with writing or the other gifted? Well it has everything to do with your motive for pursuing your writing or gifted destinies. There is a difference when you are fulfilling your dreams because you love it and want to share it with others. It's another thing to pursue your dreams to fulfill a need for instance: to be somebody. It should be the opposite really. I am somebody so I can and will pursue my dreams.  Further, we can also pursue our dreams to fulfill the need to be loved, but it's better to love yourself and know you are loved by others. Therefore, you can say I am loved, so I will and can pursue my dreams. Again we are talking about the inner journey of writers and the other gifted folks.

The reason I choose to talk about the inner journey of the dreamer or the gifted is because I want to see people pursue their dreams whole, not broken. It will eliminate the disappointment or depression from not having that need fulfilled through the expected renown, fame, prestige, notoriety, or promised illusion of being somebody when you arrive at your destination. You are already somebody. You are already whole or you have everything inside of you to get to a place of wholeness. You want to enjoy the journey, without anything blocking your heart, so your talent can truly really flow into the lives of others.

If we are doing what we love to do for the simply joy and satisfaction it brings, all those other things will come naturally. When we come to our dreams and giftedness with the purpose of using them to get some need met, we might as well have a cup in our hands that constantly leaks. Don't be a beggar. Come to life whole. Come to your dreams whole. Share with others whole. When you come with your cup already filled, you will discover that your cup, instead of leaking, will begin to over flow. Those who understand and have taken their journey with the wholeness of self; left us with the phrase, "My cup runneth over."

So, come whole - with your dreams and gifts - to share them with others. When you give, it will be given back to you in abundance. Will you seriously look at your motives for pursuing your dreams/sharing your gifts and ask yourself: Do I have a leaky cup in my hands?

Pensacola Helene
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