Saturday, December 17, 2011


The journey was long
The trials and testing were really hot
The attempt to escape always went wrong
The time was always NOT
Then one day it happen, and
it wasn't just out of the blue
Suddenly I was a sparkling diamond
With just the right cut, clarity, and hue
Priceless gems always require time to make.
Pensacola Helene

Natural Diamonds
Crystal lived under the earth with the rest of the Diamond people in Mineville. She had waited years to be chosen to be an earring or necklace or engagement ring for some special person. Many of her close friends had already gone to places like America, Brazil, Africa, and India, becoming gemstones for a variety of people. She loved reading their letters.

Her parents were so strict and they stayed way out in the High Pressure suburbs where the temperature (about 2000°F) was the top of the line and crystallizing was ongoing. Her family got top rankings when they were chosen to become gems for people on Earth's top, because they were considered natural diamonds. But, it took so long and she felt as if she'd been waiting, and waiting, and waiting..

Crystal often felt as if life was passing her by, especially when she witnessed her friends leaving even before they processed to full Diamond-hood. Some of her own relatives had settled on being a graphite (unfinished diamond) and went to the earth's top to be used in pencils.

She became even more disheartened when she found out synthetic diamonds were being created with man-made techniques on earth's top and people couldn't tell them from the real thing. When she spoke to her parents about it, they still told her to stay put and her time would come. Her parents insisted that good things come to those who wait and no matter what the Natural Diamond would always stand above the rest.

Yes, synthetic diamonds were competitors, but they would never be able to match the natural diamonds unique colors or their internal composition. Crystal's parents insisted that a real diamond expert would spot the synthetic diamond's metal inclusion and discover they were fake. They also told her that gems that were processed too quickly were more or less imitation quality, made unnaturally, never weighted over a carat, and were cheap for a reason. Crystal understood what her parents were trying to teach her, but many people didn't mind buying the synthetic diamonds. What was the point of waiting?

Time continue to pass, while Crystal became more beautiful, stronger, and flawless in her journey. Everyone noticed, but her. She complained about the heat of her circumstances and situations in life, wondering why she had to go through such difficulties.  It wasn't fair and all diamonds didn't follow these practices and principles her parents did. No matter how she felt, she stayed true to her upbringing and then it happened...she was chosen to go to earth's top.

Crystal went through all the normal diamond steps in preparation of becoming someone's gemstone, but when the first human eyes saw her they looked disappointed. She heard. "Oh no!!! This diamond is PINK!"

"What, we've never had a pink diamond." Crystal's heart dropped. After all this time of waiting, all the hardships, and doing what she thought was the right thing, she ended up being a pink diamond. Crystal started to cry and was so disappointed she wasn't one of the beautiful white diamonds she had dreamed of becoming. She might as well have been a graphite or a synthetic diamond. Now she understood why other diamonds didn't risk waiting.

Hi My name is Crystal
But the something usual happened. Suddenly, people were all around her smiling and whispering and laughing. She heard words like "rare" and "most valuable" and then "You are the most beautiful diamond we have ever seen." Her tears turned into joy. Crystal became the gem of a very wealthy person in New York and they paid almost 2 million dollars for her at a private auction. Crystal changed the world of diamonds and replaced the white diamond as the most beautiful diamond in the world and remains so to this day. The pink diamond  now sells for over a million dollars a carat and everyone wants to be like Crystal now. (:

No matter how long it takes for you to get where you need to go – keep going. No matter how everyone else seems to be getting ahead of you – keep moving forward.  No matter what principles and values others break to become successful – don't break yours. No matter what short cuts people take to become the "fake" somebody – take the path that makes you authentic. No matter how tempting instant gratification appears – patience will always be a virtue. No matter if you feel you've been forgotten, or back logged, or have aged or been pushed back - keeping standing in the belief that your time will come. Good things still come to those who wait. Some of you have been waiting and working a long time on your writing or talent and other gifts and nothing has happen, but don't give up... You may be a Pink Diamond!!

Monday, December 5, 2011



Lighting the world with light
Is what keeps it so bright
You don't have to believe the light is right
But keep it around or you'll lose your sight
Lighting the world with light
Is what keeps away an endless night
Pensacola Helene

Swarthy lived in a town called Blindville and he was watching a group of citizens protesting against the Lightmas Holiday which came every December like clockwork. He didn't believe in the Light either and was tired of LIGHTERS going around saying "Merry Lightmas!"  Swarthy was about to join the protestors who wanted to change the name to Xmas or simply Holiday, when a funny looking guy with wings came toward him and said. "You don't have to join them. What if I grant you two desires of your heart?" Swarthy looked at him strangely and with suspicion.

"I don't believe in genies."

"I'm not a genie."

"Who or what are you?"

"Just someone here to grant you two desires. Would you like them or not?"

"Well, at least tell me what I should call you if I decide to accept these two desires."

"My name Is Light." Swarthy laughed.

"Oh no, you one of those people; A LIGHTER. I'm not interested in your light beliefs or anyone else's. There is no need for celebrating light, if I don't agree with the source of the Light. I have lived fine without it. So if you want to know my first desire. I desire that there was NO LIGHT." Swarthy shouted sarcastically.

SUDDENLY everything was pitch black and Swarthy's heart dropped to his feet. He couldn't even see his fingers even when he put it to his nose (close your eyes to imagine this). He was frightened. He began shouting to see if people were around and someone said we are "over here" Swarthy asked them did they have a flashlight or match or a candle. But they had none of those things.  Swarthy went from one group to another, stumbling and fumbling along the way. Hours and hours passed and he could find no color, no lamps, no physics, no radiant energy, no luminous energy, no lanterns, no truth, no kind of illumination, no enlightenment, no light hearts or anything that could make him see. And worst of all, there was no computer, no internet, no Facebook and God forbid... no twitter. What had he done?

He began to shout. "Mr. Light!.... Mr. Light! Where are you? Where's my second desire.  I desire for the light to return, Please, Mr. Light. Let the light return!!"

Just as SUDDENLY, Swarthy was back at the protest sight, but he decided to go home. He could no longer deny the important of the Light of the World, because without it, the whole world would indeed be in darkness.

Swarthy examined the LIGHTmas Holiday a little deeper and saw how people did so much good to make life BRIGHTER for other people.  They wouldn't be able to do that if there was no LIGHT and they wouldn't have a lighted path to lead them to those in need of love, kindness, compassion, or the LIGHT. Though Swarthy never became a LIGHTER, he now knew the importance of the Light of the World. Who knows one day he may join them. "Happy Lightmas" he shouted to a neighbor as he had for the last 50 years.

What if you couldn't write or read a book? What if you couldn't demonstrate your gift where other people could see it? What if you couldn't experience the LIGHT of love or peace? You don't have to believe in the LIGHT of the World and you may not think it has nothing to do with your life one way or another. But remove the LIGHT and the LIGHTERS and see what happens! Merry LIGHTmas!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Yesterday, It's me and you; we make two
Nothing can tear us apart
Today,  It's a lie, a cheat, and a bad thing that grew
Something that can distant the heart
When dishonesty rips
It aims at wrecking (we)lationships
Pensacola Helene

Two Faces of Honest. With or without DIS
Trust Heart looked at her brother, Integrity, "Don't do it" Integrity was thinking of stealing an idea from one of his co-worker. Trust was trying to talk him out of it. 
"Why?" Integrity said, "They would do it to me?" Trust sighed as she gestured for her kin man to sit down.
"Let me tell you a story...  I had an older brother, named Honest and I was crazy about him. I followed him everywhere and we went together like two peas in a pod. People loved Honest. He made people happy and was really good at helping them stay together as friends, or spouses, or relatives or co-workers...or whatever kind of relationship they were in. Then one day, I begin to hear rumors about Honest, that he had cheated on one of his girlfriends and of course he denied it and said it wasn't true. In spite of it, I kept following and loving him as usual, because I believed in his nature. Then, I heard he told a lie on one of his best friends and got him into serious trouble. His friend's name was Hope and she warned me about hanging out with him, but even with that I continue to follow him. I must admit, it began to disturb me when people started calling him DIS Honest. I continue to follow my brother, but I noticed it was at a distant now; I was slowing my pace. Something greater than me was pushing me back. I don't even remember when I started to change toward him, but I did. I tried hard to stay close to Honest, because we had so much in common, but the bad things kept growing and growing between us. One night we were sitting down in the backyard talking and shooting the breeze like old times. Both of us liked to write stories and had gotten good grades for writing the best essays in High School. We both pursued writing as a hobby, but my stories had started getting some serious attention. That particular night I told Honest about a new story idea I had and a few weeks later Honest published my story. He made lots of money from a story he stole from me. Of course after that, we parted ways."

"I'm sorry, Trust. I didn't know DIS Honest was ever a relative of yours."

"Well, you gotta be careful of the labels and suffixes you put in front of your name. They tell a lot about you, like Mr. or Mrs. or Dr or DIS. When you put DIS in front of your name it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. DIS, particularly, has a way of reversing your whole life and future; tearing it asunder from things that were once considered good."

"I see what you are trying to teach me. If I steal my co-workers idea I'll risk turning into a DIS.. is that right" Trust nodded. "Whatever happened to DIS Honest"

"Well, we never hung out or spoke again. Except for once, when he called to ask for forgiveness – I did - but he wanted me to be a part of his life again just like that" Trust snapped her fingers. "...and I couldn't. The money he made with my story went down the drain from all his shady dealings. He goes around making people miserable now by wrecking (we)lationships with dishonesty. Nobody trusts him now."

"I guess he's lost you for good, huh Trust."

"Well, that's the price you pay, when you decide to DIS people. I followed Honest freely back when we were friends, but now the restoral of that friendship would cost him something. He didn't want to stop being a DIS so... the rest is history."

"I guess it's true, once you lose trust, it's hard to get it back."

"Some people can get  it back. They have to totally get rid of the DIS title and really work on getting back their original reputation with those they Dissed. If not, they can forget it. "

Trust's story changed Integrity's mind, especially after he saw DIS Honest in action and witnessed what a mess he was making of people's lives. He didn't want to go down that road. Integrity liked having Trust as part of his Life. Integrity went on to do great things in his company, without having to DIS his co-worker or anyone else. He is now CEO of Integrity Enterprise, a fortune 500 company. And yes, he's RICH, not just with money, but with integrity of heart.

It's okay to be ambitious and desire for your dreams to come true, but there has to be an inclusion of trust and honesty as you enter into relationships with others. Trust is a valuable commodity and when it follows us into our life's journey we are the better for it. Trust is the most valuable gift we can give in our relationship with others, along with honesty and integrity. Too many people have sold those traits down the drain chasing the Almighty dollar and the American dream.  Trust is built over time, but can be torn down in one moment with Dis Honest. Like a wrecking ball Dis Honest comes into your life wrecking (we)lationships, sometimes forever. Those who can rebuild from the ruins of Dis Honest behavior are among the exceptions to the rule. Consider this simple message from Trust and don't even put yourself in that position. In your pursuits, also chase after trust, honesty, and integrity so that you will have a holistic and well-rounded Richness both externally and internally.  If you were thinking of doing something that may take you down the "other" road, "Stop now" before you become a DIS and spend a lifetime of Wrecking (We)lationships.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pensacola's Pearls of Wisdom: Celebrate your YOU-niqueness

Flex and Straight grew up in a little town called Carbon Copy where everyone almost looked the same, dressed in the same earth tones, thought the same, went to the same stores, socials, schools, and churches.

They also married the same kind of people and had the same types of families and this had been the tradition for many years. 

One day the Different family moved into town. They had a son named Too, who was about the same age as Flex and Straight. Straight didn't like Too right off the bat. 

First of all, he didn't dress properly, he acted different, and he had some bizarre ways of thinking. Too had a Sister named A. Little and a brother named No. Straight liked No better than Too and felt he fit right into their town as if he'd been there for years.

 It wasn't long before No was indistinguishable from the rest of the Carbon Copy citizens. It was not the same with Too. He was considered a trouble maker. He kept getting in trouble with teachers for thinking outside the box, with policemen for wearing forbidden colors, and with the elders of the town for liking "wrong" things. Everyone gave Too a hard time, even Flex who attempted to be friendly.

Flex was in the school band and they played the same music as the generations before them. But one day Flex was riding his bicycle and saw Too outside of town playing this strange music, called Jazz.  Flex started to tell him he could get into trouble for playing "that" kind of music, but instead he asked him what kind of music it was. 

Too told him about Jazz, showed him how to play, and Flex fell in love with the music. Flex learned that day that Too had traveled, with his parents to many places and met many types of people who played Jazz music.  He wanted to be a great Jazz musician one day.

Too showed him pictures and videos and introduced him to other members of his family. His father, Respect Different was an officer in the military and his mother Be Different was a college professor, who spoke several different languages.

After a very enlightening visit, Too walked Flex back to his bike. Flex said, "We've been really unkind to you. I bet you don't like any of us." Too shook his head,

"No, I don't have a problem with anyone in Carbon Copy."

"Really? Why don't you?"

"Well, my mother grew up here. Her name before she married my dad was Be TheSame and she bought us here so we could learn to respect people who are different."

"But we haven't demonstrated any respect towards you."

"I know; that's my point. My mother knew we would learn how to respect differences here in Carbon Copy where people didn't respect differences. She said some people get angry, violent, act unkindly, or with fear when they run into people that are different. She said they even exclude people for being different. 

But she teaches us, no matter what, don't let it change who we are. She said we have a variety of flowers, a variety of animals, and a variety of fruit and in each variety you'll find different kinds of the same thing. People are like that too; there are many different varieties of the same kind. What I know and the people of Carbon Copy don't seem to know; is that we are the same, but just You-niquely different. Some people are uncomfortable with different and some people simply don't like different."

"That's not true. We like your brother, No and your sister A. Little has some friends here too."

"It's easy to like people who are No Different from you, like my brother, or to be a little more tolerate of my sister, who is only A Little Different. Tolerant is a negative term to me, because it implies we should just put up with people who are different, Respect, on the other hand says we show consideration for those who are different. 

My father said, respect challenges us "not" on our similarities, but on our differences. I am too different for Carbon Copy. Carbon Copy wants everyone to fit into a mold that makes "them" feel comfortable. The problem with that is while it makes Carbon Copy people feel comfortable, it makes other people feel uncomfortable. 

For instance, everybody in Carbon Copy wears earth tones and I get a ticket for wearing a loud green shirt. Is it wrong or is it just different, Flex? Why should I feel uncomfortable about wearing a green shirt, just because everyone else wants to wear earth tones?" Flex looked at Too with new eyes. It was true. Too liking green didn't hurt anyone and it wasn't wrong, it was just different as he said. Flex felt his sense of adventure challenge by Too's revelation.

"I like blue." Flex looked around to see if anyone was listening to his secret confession. The two boys laughed. Too went back into the house and bought out a brand new blue shirt and gave it to Flex. At first, he was hesitant to take it, but Flex wanted to be open to new things that he knew could positively add to his life. Flex didn't agree with all of Too's perspectives about life and living, but he learned to genuinely respect their differences.

Flex and Too became friends after that and Flex wore the blue shirt until it practically fell apart. Straight never spoke to Flex again. Too Different eventually left Carbon Copy, but he had changed Flex' life forever. Flex held onto some of the traditions of his upbringing but let go of others, yet his changes threatened the people of Carbon Copy. 

Eventually, his own family and those he once loved and grew up with ran Flex out of town. It was then he understood what Too meant by being the same, but YOU-niquely different.  

Flex left Carbon Copy and went to find his old friend. Too welcomed him with open arms and later introduced Flex to Jazz artists all across the USA. Flex' world became bigger and he felt joy as he discovered how really wonderful variety could be when you learned to respect differences. 

One connection lead to another and another and each one was different from the last and Flex had learned a lesson that would carry him through the rest of his life. Without a bigger community you could become impoverished with narrow-mindedness. He now had a variety of friends and he had become richer for it. 

Opening up to the boy from the Different family allowed him to become a part of one of the best, most famous, and highest paid Jazz duos in the country today, called Flex Too Differ. Straight remains a Carbon Copy citizen to this day and still lives there on Narrow Street.
We are all humanly the same, but yet You-niquely different. God created different to teach us to respect each other, and to challenge our sense of adventure in life. Celebrate the YOU-niqueness in yourself and others!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Tricky Tricky Truth about Love

The Tricky Tricky Truth about Love
It swings emotions from side to side
The Tricky Tricky Truth about Love
No matter how crazy
I still want to take the ride
Pensacola Helene

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The Tricky Tricky Truth
Theodore and Olivia's hearts bonded in the greatest connection and separated in the harshest of ways that two people can experience. It was a nightmare and a dream come true at the same time. It was like experiencing a mind-boggling orgasm in one moment and impotency in the next. It was sheer madness and utter joy. It was the appearance of peace and the jar of unrest. It was immense satisfaction and mammoth starvation. No human being could see-saw this way forever, but Theodore and Olivia had for a long time. The presence of the things we deem good and those we deem bad fought for dominance in their lives and Theodore knew it could only be one victor … one possible outcome.

Theodore McMasters thought as life goes on and you mature, experiences will change you for the better or for the worst. Life’s choices often challenge you with options like sink or swim, life or death, right or wrong and perhaps, divorce or stay married. Theodore decided to stay married. It wasn’t about him. It was about God, it was about the five pairs of eyes that were always looking at him through his children and it was about Olivia, the wayward wife that he loved in spite of it all. The years continued to pass and he could write a book about the blessings he, Olivia, and his family had encountered. To complain seemed an ungrateful thing to do, but he had a host of them that haunted him off and on over the years. His wife had enjoyed long months of sobriety and dark months of addiction. It was the ebb and flow of their lives together.

The McMasters’ happy times seem more like long commercial breaks – the part most people saw - but behind closed doors the real drama and real story continued……

Theodore and Olivia are a man and woman in a troubling relationship. Would you stay with a woman or man who was battling a drug addiction? Have you ever experienced a relationship that caused your emotions to swing from side to side? Did you stay? Did you go? The secrets to a long marriage are not always the ones people tell you. I will. Find out about the tricky tricky truth about love in my book "No Greater Love than This."

Blog at you Later,
Pensacola Helene

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Monday, October 31, 2011


The itty bitty mind is afraid to leave its place

The itty bitty mind is afraid of the open space.

The itty bitty mind never a road to pave

The itty bitty mind lives on the mountaintop in a cave

Pensacola Helene

On my way to the Valley
Itty Bitty and his friends Chance and Opportunity lived in the Valley of No Dreams. They had decided to leave, but didn't know where to go yet. One day while walking along the road, outside the city, they were talking about the valley situation and wondering was there something different somewhere else in the world. Suddenly they came upon an old sage who gave them a toothless smile and gestured for them to come near. They all walked towards him, but Itty Bitty stayed back a little ways. "I heard your conversation" the old sage said, "I know how you can do something different with your lives." 

 "How?" Chance asked, always the one looking for different possibilities." 

"You must journey toward the mountaintop." The three young men looked at each other, then back at the old sage.

"Are you talking about going to Mount DCT (short for Dreams Come True)?" The old sage nodded.

"That's really risky!! There is no guarantee you'll make it." Itty Bitty yelled from the distance.

The sage turned from Itty Bitty and asked his friends. "Would you want to miss your chance or opportunity to be a writer and a movie producer?"

"Why should we believe you anyways? Who are you and why aren't you on Mount DCT?" Opportunity said as he broke into the conversation.

"I am the voice of your dreams. Some people call me Father Destiny. I'm on Mount DCT right now, even as we speak. Come pay me a visit. Do it quickly, this is your time. Remember, when you don't take chances and opportunities when they come along, it could alter your future forever." The old sage smiled one last time and disappeared. 

The three boys jumped up and down as they realized their dreams could become a reality. Quickly, they make a decision to go to Mount DCT. Along the way Itty Bitty stopped and told them he couldn't go. He had decided to go to the Valley of Dreams instead. He tried desperately to get his two friends to go with him, but they would not listen. Chance said to his childhood friend, "Sorry Itty Bitty, but I'm going with Opportunity." And Opportunity said, "Yea, man. Sorry, but I'm going with Chance." The three lifelong friends parted ways.

Itty Bitty got all kinds of reports and good news from his friends. He really thought it was going to be different in the Valley of Dreams than in the Valley of No Dreams, but it wasn't. It was almost the same. People with dreams and people without dreams end up in the same condition. The majority of people with dreams never take the chance or opportunity to do anything different. His friends invited him to Mount DCT many times and he saw the old sage a few more times as well, but he felt himself becoming more and more complacent.

Eventually, the Valley of Dreams became just as crowed as the Valley of No Dreams and Itty Bitty finally went to Mount DCT. But something had changed. Itty Bitty realized his thoughts had gotten small from living  with his own itty bitty mind and in small places. He had become like the company he'd kept. Somewhere along the way his dreams had become no dreams.  Itty Bitty bought a Cave on Mount DCT and that's where he lives to this day.

A dream is just a dream until you make it come true. You have to do something or like Itty Bitty your dream might as well be no dream. Dreams come alive in the doing and they are the wonderful dynamics of life no matter the level of success that is achieved. Too many people are living sad, mundane lives because they left their dreams in the valley. An itty bitty mind can keep you in itty bitty places. Go to the Mountain and do it today!!!

Pensacola Helene
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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Did I say thank you yesterday as I walked along the way?
Did I stop and smile as I walked the next mile?
Did I sit somewhere, to revel in the care?
As I climb the hill, yes I will tell "Special" how I feel.
Pensacola Helene

Thank You Special Person
Bomb was the middle child in his family and the attention was usually divvied up between his older brother and younger sister. His esteem was so-so, but he often felt as if he didn't belong and was out of place in his own family. It wasn't that he wasn't loved, it was just different with him than with his siblings. His sister had his father and his brother had his mother, but he didn't have anybody really. Bomb was an artistic and talented writer and he showed signs of it in his elementary years. His writing abilities didn't really motivate him to believe he could do anything great and he just did what he needed to get through school and life. Since no one seemed to have any real interest in him, he never really bonded too much with anyone and had trouble establishing relationships because of his growing lack of interest. But before he completely sunk into that hole; something happened to change his life. 

His uncle, whom he was named after, but everyone called him by his last name, Diggity, came for a long visit. Uncle Diggity had been out of the country for years and he was moving back to town. Bomb felt a spark of interest just meeting him for some strange reason. He was a great uncle to them all, but he paid particular attention to Bomb. His uncle took him to the library, a children's book club, and they enrolled in a creative writing class together. His uncle did throw in football games, an amusement park, and other activities as well. His uncle's love and attention forced him to use his writing abilities in a new light and he learned to appreciate his creative side. He even began to feel a part of the family. Bomb came alive that summer and he found ways to express himself through his journal and short stories. He asked his uncle over and over why he seemed to favor him. He wasn't complaining, but his sister and brother were usually the center of attention. His uncle never answered him, but just smiled and over the years Uncle Diggity was the best uncle anybody could ask for.

Bomb was getting ready to graduate high school, when he saw a note his uncle had written in his journal years before. Why hadn't he ever noticed it before? It simply said, "Nephew, you da Bomb Diggity, man. Love Unk" His uncle said that to him numerous times and he thought it was another crazy saying he'd made up. His uncle made up words all the time. Bomb decided to look it up and was surprised to actually find a definition.  According to his urban dictionary, bomb diggity meant awesome.
Of course Bomb went on to be a famous author for children's books. His first book was about a middle child and his uncle. Guess what the title was? Yep, "You da Bomb Diggity."

Take a moment and thank the people who believed you, believed in your talent, and believed in your awesomeness... way before it was ever manifested. It really is good to have people who love and care about you...say "You da Bomb Diggity." Do you agree fellow bloggers? Me too! I thank all the people who have done that for me and are still showing me that kind of love! Yep,.... you too... are "Da Bomb Diggity!"

Pensacola Helene
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Gimme Gimme Gumdrops

Gimme Gimme Gumdrops I said to the little boy,
Gimme Gimme Gumdrops so I can have "your" joy.
Gimme Gimme Gumdrops, stepping over folks day by day
Gimme Gimme Gumdrops I have to get my pay
Gimme Gimme Gumdrops, my relationships are gruff
Gimme Gimme Gumdrops all I got is stuff
Pensacola Helene

Gimme Gimme Gumdrops
Gree Dee was friends with Am Bition when he was younger. Am Bition was friends with Bene Fit, Gree Dee never really liked Bene Fitt and thought he was soft. However, they all parted ways after high school. Am Bition went all to touch people's lives with the motivation to reach goals and make great strides in life. Bene Fitt went on to help people all over the world and give them opportunities to live more fuller and productive lives. Gree Dee went on to take all he could get for himself, without regard for others. He took other people's turns in line, their promotion, their money, their spouses, their homes, or their opportunities. Gree Dee always had his hand out, but only to receive. He took everything he could, from anybody he could and he didn't care how they felt about it. But one day Gree Dee, now a multi-millionaire, saw a little boy with some gumdrops and he said, "Gimme, Gimme Gumdrops" and the little boy handed him the bag of gumdrops. Gree Dee took all of them but one and scurried away. He could hear the boy crying in the distance. "Gree Dee took MY gumdrops! Gree Dee took MY gumdrops!" It was at that moment he knew he'd sunk to an all time low; now he had taken candy from a baby. And it wasn't easy as the old idiom claimed. His whole life flashed before his eyes. Gree Dee had gained immense wealth along with all the things and stuff he wanted in life, but he had lost his wife, children, family, many close friends, and most of all... love.

Many of us have gifts and talents and the motivation to go along with it. But too many people start out with honest ambition hoping to benefit others along the way and end up with greedy. We care more about gaining than we do about what's right and fair - not only ourselves, but others too. Thinking of self is very tempting in a culture that promotes individualism and autonomous behaviors. Such a culture encourages individuals to go after their dreams and goals in ways that often take priority over what's good for one's immediate family group, the extended family group, a friend group, or any other significant group. As the promises of fame and fortune overtake the mind and the heart it becomes harder and harder to sacrifice personal goals and dreams for the sake of others; even if it's the right thing to do. I'm not knocking going after your dreams, but be a good person on your journey. Don't let a greedy spirit blind your heart or corrupt your thinking. You can end up with a lot of stuff, or trinkets, or toys and still actually be broke.

Try to blend good character into your journey of personal ambition. If you are good to people along the way and for some reason you ever fall back, you'll be able to find someone to pick you up. Be willing to sacrifice your own personal ambitions sometimes, for the sake of those you love or simply for the common good of others. That good deed will return to you two-fold. When you stick your hand out, make sure it's with the intention of reciprocity either to that person giving to you or to another. 

Greed lives alone and never has enough. That's why greed sits on the corners of life in the hearts of over consumption whispering, "Gimme, Gimme, Gumdrops..."

Pensacola Helene

Friday, October 7, 2011


Steady, consistent faith will take you all the way, but if it flips and flops you'll keep ending up in the same old places over and over.
Pensacola Helene

One of D's jobs as a Snowman
There was this guy named D. Faith, the D was short for Double-Minded. Why his parents would name him that, nobody knows. Anyway, as a kid, D thought he wanted to be a writer one day and he had an endless intrigue with words. He would look them up, write them down, and try to use them at least three times during the day. For instance, on one occasion, D felt in love with the word succulent. He told his brother at breakfast, "This orange is really succulent and sweet" He said to one his class mate, "Boy, these grapes are really ripe and succulent." And later, he told his mother, "The food is good, Ma and this steak is really succulent." D's love for words followed him all through his elementary years, his junior high years and most of high school. He wrote wonderful essays and short stories to everybody's delight. D. received many compliments over the years and he was encouraged to become a famous writer one day.  

But in his senior year, one of his teacher said to him, "This paper is terrible. If this is the way you write, you need to think about doing something else with your life!" Words are so powerful that they can destroy much good.  The teacher spread his opinion all around the school and all around town. It was amazing how other people got on board with this teacher, even D's parents, his family, and his friends.  People started to suggest that maybe he should write as a hobby and choose a more reliable trade for his future. D tried very hard to fight this wind of change, but the words made heavy blows to his faith in his writing. D wrote paper after paper for this teacher and never got his approval and by the end of the year, D had decided to major in computer science.  In the years to come, D. flipped and flopped from one type of job to another. Thoughts of writing never went away. Some days he would look at the possibility of writing again, but would end up doing something else. D never believed in his writing the way he did years before and his faith in his talents and gifts turned flippity floppity. D. or Double-Minded Faith died at the ripe old age of 96 years old and he never became a writer.

Some of you reading this blog were called way back in childhood to do something great and unique, but somewhere along the way you lost hope in that dream. It could have been because of what someone said, or what you believed about what they said. But whatever the reason, the years have passed, and that dream seems a distance memory. And yet, it doesn't go away. The good news is that it's never too late and you still have time to change the rest of your story.

Whatever that gift is that's burning inside your heart, turn off the flippity floppity faith and pursue your dream today. I dare you!!!

Pensacola Helene

Monday, October 3, 2011

Belly Laughs and Joy flips

It is good to laugh those belly laughs and there's nothing like joy flips of the heart. These are contagious behaviors and an excellent way to get through the up and downs of life on our dream journeys. Your gifts will eventually get you there, but have fun along the way.
Pensacola Helene

Try twice a day, for six weeks with sound!!!
It's good to take life serious and be responsible or accountable for ourselves and others, but this doesn't mean we have to do it with sour faces and sad-sack personas. When we are pursuing our writing careers and other gifts it could potentially increase the level of stress in your life. Most people don't realize how negative attitudes, long-lasting disappointments, and hopeless perceptions can affect their health by breaking down the immune systems and reducing the lifespan. 

A person's immune system could become clogged or stopped up allowing waste and fluids to get stuck in the tissues and organs and hinder its ability to clean the body naturally. That's how sickness and disease comes along to affect health and well-being. But a good laugh, like Drano, can actually unclog or unstop those blockages to assist your body's ability to keep things flowing and moving the way it should. 

Most people want to live a long, full life and are interested in all benefits to physical health that correlates with long life and well-being. Laughter is said to benefit  individuals by helping to prevent  hypertension, reduce pain, balance your hormones, exercise and relax your muscles and heart, increase oxygen levels thus enhancing energy, and jump starting your circulatory system. Boy, where can we get some of that from?

Everybody's humor is different. Only you know what makes you laugh and feel joyful. But if you need some help here's some suggestions: Read a comic book, watch comedies on television, go to a comedy show or funny movie, play fun games with friends, have a party, laugh at yourself or with family and friends or listen to some good jokes. Whatever it takes discover what makes you laugh and do it at least twice daily.

I promise you'll experience the healing effects right away and in six weeks you will be a totally different person. I want you to succeed in all your writing and gifted endeavors, but do it with  Belly laughs and joy flips. HA!! HA!!

Pensacola Helene