Saturday, December 17, 2011


The journey was long
The trials and testing were really hot
The attempt to escape always went wrong
The time was always NOT
Then one day it happen, and
it wasn't just out of the blue
Suddenly I was a sparkling diamond
With just the right cut, clarity, and hue
Priceless gems always require time to make.
Pensacola Helene

Natural Diamonds
Crystal lived under the earth with the rest of the Diamond people in Mineville. She had waited years to be chosen to be an earring or necklace or engagement ring for some special person. Many of her close friends had already gone to places like America, Brazil, Africa, and India, becoming gemstones for a variety of people. She loved reading their letters.

Her parents were so strict and they stayed way out in the High Pressure suburbs where the temperature (about 2000°F) was the top of the line and crystallizing was ongoing. Her family got top rankings when they were chosen to become gems for people on Earth's top, because they were considered natural diamonds. But, it took so long and she felt as if she'd been waiting, and waiting, and waiting..

Crystal often felt as if life was passing her by, especially when she witnessed her friends leaving even before they processed to full Diamond-hood. Some of her own relatives had settled on being a graphite (unfinished diamond) and went to the earth's top to be used in pencils.

She became even more disheartened when she found out synthetic diamonds were being created with man-made techniques on earth's top and people couldn't tell them from the real thing. When she spoke to her parents about it, they still told her to stay put and her time would come. Her parents insisted that good things come to those who wait and no matter what the Natural Diamond would always stand above the rest.

Yes, synthetic diamonds were competitors, but they would never be able to match the natural diamonds unique colors or their internal composition. Crystal's parents insisted that a real diamond expert would spot the synthetic diamond's metal inclusion and discover they were fake. They also told her that gems that were processed too quickly were more or less imitation quality, made unnaturally, never weighted over a carat, and were cheap for a reason. Crystal understood what her parents were trying to teach her, but many people didn't mind buying the synthetic diamonds. What was the point of waiting?

Time continue to pass, while Crystal became more beautiful, stronger, and flawless in her journey. Everyone noticed, but her. She complained about the heat of her circumstances and situations in life, wondering why she had to go through such difficulties.  It wasn't fair and all diamonds didn't follow these practices and principles her parents did. No matter how she felt, she stayed true to her upbringing and then it happened...she was chosen to go to earth's top.

Crystal went through all the normal diamond steps in preparation of becoming someone's gemstone, but when the first human eyes saw her they looked disappointed. She heard. "Oh no!!! This diamond is PINK!"

"What, we've never had a pink diamond." Crystal's heart dropped. After all this time of waiting, all the hardships, and doing what she thought was the right thing, she ended up being a pink diamond. Crystal started to cry and was so disappointed she wasn't one of the beautiful white diamonds she had dreamed of becoming. She might as well have been a graphite or a synthetic diamond. Now she understood why other diamonds didn't risk waiting.

Hi My name is Crystal
But the something usual happened. Suddenly, people were all around her smiling and whispering and laughing. She heard words like "rare" and "most valuable" and then "You are the most beautiful diamond we have ever seen." Her tears turned into joy. Crystal became the gem of a very wealthy person in New York and they paid almost 2 million dollars for her at a private auction. Crystal changed the world of diamonds and replaced the white diamond as the most beautiful diamond in the world and remains so to this day. The pink diamond  now sells for over a million dollars a carat and everyone wants to be like Crystal now. (:

No matter how long it takes for you to get where you need to go – keep going. No matter how everyone else seems to be getting ahead of you – keep moving forward.  No matter what principles and values others break to become successful – don't break yours. No matter what short cuts people take to become the "fake" somebody – take the path that makes you authentic. No matter how tempting instant gratification appears – patience will always be a virtue. No matter if you feel you've been forgotten, or back logged, or have aged or been pushed back - keeping standing in the belief that your time will come. Good things still come to those who wait. Some of you have been waiting and working a long time on your writing or talent and other gifts and nothing has happen, but don't give up... You may be a Pink Diamond!!