Monday, December 5, 2011



Lighting the world with light
Is what keeps it so bright
You don't have to believe the light is right
But keep it around or you'll lose your sight
Lighting the world with light
Is what keeps away an endless night
Pensacola Helene

Swarthy lived in a town called Blindville and he was watching a group of citizens protesting against the Lightmas Holiday which came every December like clockwork. He didn't believe in the Light either and was tired of LIGHTERS going around saying "Merry Lightmas!"  Swarthy was about to join the protestors who wanted to change the name to Xmas or simply Holiday, when a funny looking guy with wings came toward him and said. "You don't have to join them. What if I grant you two desires of your heart?" Swarthy looked at him strangely and with suspicion.

"I don't believe in genies."

"I'm not a genie."

"Who or what are you?"

"Just someone here to grant you two desires. Would you like them or not?"

"Well, at least tell me what I should call you if I decide to accept these two desires."

"My name Is Light." Swarthy laughed.

"Oh no, you one of those people; A LIGHTER. I'm not interested in your light beliefs or anyone else's. There is no need for celebrating light, if I don't agree with the source of the Light. I have lived fine without it. So if you want to know my first desire. I desire that there was NO LIGHT." Swarthy shouted sarcastically.

SUDDENLY everything was pitch black and Swarthy's heart dropped to his feet. He couldn't even see his fingers even when he put it to his nose (close your eyes to imagine this). He was frightened. He began shouting to see if people were around and someone said we are "over here" Swarthy asked them did they have a flashlight or match or a candle. But they had none of those things.  Swarthy went from one group to another, stumbling and fumbling along the way. Hours and hours passed and he could find no color, no lamps, no physics, no radiant energy, no luminous energy, no lanterns, no truth, no kind of illumination, no enlightenment, no light hearts or anything that could make him see. And worst of all, there was no computer, no internet, no Facebook and God forbid... no twitter. What had he done?

He began to shout. "Mr. Light!.... Mr. Light! Where are you? Where's my second desire.  I desire for the light to return, Please, Mr. Light. Let the light return!!"

Just as SUDDENLY, Swarthy was back at the protest sight, but he decided to go home. He could no longer deny the important of the Light of the World, because without it, the whole world would indeed be in darkness.

Swarthy examined the LIGHTmas Holiday a little deeper and saw how people did so much good to make life BRIGHTER for other people.  They wouldn't be able to do that if there was no LIGHT and they wouldn't have a lighted path to lead them to those in need of love, kindness, compassion, or the LIGHT. Though Swarthy never became a LIGHTER, he now knew the importance of the Light of the World. Who knows one day he may join them. "Happy Lightmas" he shouted to a neighbor as he had for the last 50 years.

What if you couldn't write or read a book? What if you couldn't demonstrate your gift where other people could see it? What if you couldn't experience the LIGHT of love or peace? You don't have to believe in the LIGHT of the World and you may not think it has nothing to do with your life one way or another. But remove the LIGHT and the LIGHTERS and see what happens! Merry LIGHTmas!!!