Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pearl of Wisdom: SEX is not Intimacy

Sex is not the intimacy. It is an act of intimacy; that was meant to express the intercourse that had already taken place between two hearts. Enduring love allows intimacy to develop in the heart first and why real lovers wait for the proper time to engage in sex. When intimacy is learned in this way, love will be easier to maintain in the long run of the relationship. The Good Book didn’t have us sustain from sexual pleasure as a punishment, but so we don’t miss out on what truly matters in the area of intimacy: two hearts becoming one, not simple two bodies. If you shape your experience of intimacy around the act; you will find intimacy limited to that act. However, if you shape your intimacy around the intercourse of two hearts, it will outlast the act, which always alters with age and maturity. No matter who you are; no matter how good you are sexually, no matter how liberal you are in engaging in the sexual act – you will come looking for real intimacy one day. So learn and train yourself in what real intimacy is while the spring still blossoms.  For when the winter comes and it will; the heart may be too tattered by the “act” to know real intimacy, or to find it, or even recognize it staring you right in the face. Real intimacy starts with the intercourse of the heart, not the body.
Pensacola Helene