Friday, December 13, 2013

Pearl of Wisdom: Small Indiscretions

A few little white lies, small careless acts, a few unkind thoughts, a bad habit or two, a wee bit of sexual misbehavior, bouts of selfishness, minor fits of anger, a little hatred or resentment, occasional dishonesty, small lacks of integrity, or some other small amount of wrong or indiscretion shouldn’t really matter. It’s just a little bit. You’re still a nice person right?

17 year old Mary lied to get into a club one night and her friend went with her. They had drinks. It was the same night the club was targeted by the state police and everyone had to show some identification. Mary’s father was one of the officers. Even though the girls had identification, he knew they were phony. The father was mad at the owner for allowing minors into his club and gave him a piece of his mind. The whole club was closed down for the night. And, the club owner ended up losing his license and the income he needed to provide for his family. Eventually, he couldn’t pay the mortgage, foreclosed on his home, and had to move his family to another state to live with his parents. 

Mary, on the other hand, got a slap on the hand and went on with her life. It was just a little bitty, harmless lie, but with big consequences. It’s a simple story, but I hope your get the drift of it.  If your little bit of wrong only hurts you that’s one thing, but when it reaches out to negatively impact other people’s lives it’s another thing.

Some of us get away with practicing a little wrong here and there, but if you don’t regularly examine your own heart – your little wrongs will spill over into your relationships with others. How many people do you know personally that have been devastated by a “little bit of wrong?” 

Most people get hurt by those who do not “check” their little bit of wrong at the door of their friendships and relationships with others. So please remember a LITTLE bit of ANYTHING wrong and negative is still SOME. Out of kindness, work on your “little bit” of wrongs and the small indiscretions of your heart before getting involved with others.
Pensacola Helene