Monday, December 9, 2013


One day I was walking
I heard somebody talking
The voice asked, “Are you okay?
I answered, “No sir, not today.”
“Is there something I can do?’
“Can you can make my life anew.”
“What you ask, I can arrange”
“I heard about you; you’re the Gift Exchange.”
       Pensacola Helene

One day the Great King of kings was moved with compassion and love and decided to send his Son, the Prince of Peace (PoP) to earth to help others. PoP was most valuable to the King above all else, but his Son was willing to do what his father requested.

Many years later, PoP’s visit to earth had spread like wildfire and he had helped people all over the world have a relationship with the King. Thomas was one of the people PoP had helped. He met him one day when his life was really in need of redemption. PoP saved him by giving him the gift of a brand new life. 

However, he told Thomas, “In order for the new life to fully operate, you must give up your old life to me.” He then gave Thomas a manual and said every time you obey the things in this book, you’ll be giving up the old life. And it will help you have a relationship with the King and experience all the benefits of the royal life.” “No problem.” Thomas had said.

Thomas readily accepted his offer and he will never forget their first encounter. His life truly has never been the same and it was the best decision he’d ever made. Thomas went on with his life. He hung out with other PoP people and he participated in many PoP activities and PoP services.

One day Thomas was talking to a friend and telling him all the PoP activities he was involved in and the things he’d done. His friend said, “You still haven’t given your life to him, have you Thomas?”

“What?!!! Didn’t I just tell you about all the PoP things I do.” He nodded.

“Those are good things, but PoP didn’t help you for the primary purpose of doing something. He called you into a relationship with the King, so you can experience all of his blessings.”

“It’s obvious by the things I do that I’m in a relationship with the King. I’m an excellent speaker. I have faith that moves mountains. I have the gift of prophecy. I understand some of the greatest mysteries. And you yourself have witnessed how I’ve bestowed my goods to feed the poor.”

“That’s what most PoP people say and many have a list as great as yours Thomas. Doing things doesn’t lead to intimacy in your relationship to the King. Just like “doing things” doesn’t lead to intimacy with your earthly love ones.”

“Are you saying that intimacy with the King takes priority over the things I do?”

“Yes, if you truly want to embrace the new life you’ve been given; it must. For instance, you can do things for your family or other love ones that are really great, but is that the same as intimacy with them.”

“You know my wife complains about that all the time. I guess I think she’s trying to control me.”

“Maybe, she’s just trying to help you surrender to a loving relationship.”

“My wife is more generous with her heart. I’m generous with doing things, but I guess it’s not the same kind of exchange is it?”

“Your wife pledged her life and heart to you, so you two can enjoy a lifelong intimate relationship together. PoP also gave his life for you, remember; so you can have a relationship with the King. Most PoP people think giving their lives is an EQUAL exchange, but it’s not. It’s the difference between you giving PoP a dollar and getting a billion in exchange.”

Thomas looked sad. “I haven’t done everything in the manual he gave me, even when I knew better. I still wanted to do want I wanted to do, even in all my PoP services and PoP activities. The real GIFT EXCHANGE is me; isn’t it?” His friend nodded and suddenly disappeared.

When Thomas realized the real gift exchange was him in an intimate relationship with the Great King of kings, his PoP services and PoP activities flowed from that place like the river from Ezekiel’s temple. He realized that whatever he “did” was secondary to spending time with the King. Thomas and his family, especially his wife, are having the best Christmas ever and enjoying the blessings of the Great King of kings.

To all the PoP followers, remember the best Christmas gift is You not your doings.
If you have received a PoP gift exchange in your lifetime, make sure that every year you are giving more and more of yourself to the KING!!!

Merry Gift EXCHANGE!!!

Pensacola Helene