Monday, December 23, 2013

Pearl of Wisdom: Cheaters

We hear about people cheating all the time. When someone is called a cheater they are actually being called a “fraud,” or “trickster, “or charlatan,” or “rogue,” or “swindler.” It’s definitely not a compliment. It has become so common that most people are not even surprised when they hear about a cheater.  What gets lost in the cesspool of cheating is the one who is cheated on. No matter how good or bad a person is; they don’t deserve to be cheated on. If the relationship has gotten to the point where cheating is a serious and tempting option, get help or end the relationship. If you’re married, use the Good Book for help. However, there are some people who cheat, simply because they are cheaters. These are the ones who leave the most devastation in their wake. Because the one they cheated on didn’t see it coming and they are shocked when they hear about. Nothing hurts worse than heartbreak of this kind, because you trusted the person from the purest place. Whether a person remains in the relationship with the cheater or not; building trust again borders on “almost” impossible. A cheater may seek to regain what they once had with their love one and won’t be able to accomplish it; at least not without the help of divine intervention. A cheater changes the relationship between themselves and the other person forever; whether they stay or go. Yes, there is forgiveness and people do survive cheating, but like the loss of innocence it alters the original purity of the relationship. Trust is one of the most pure and safest benefits of love. Trust is the most sought after component of all relationships. Few people enjoy the gem of trust, and if you are one of them hold onto it, because what you possess is truly rare. Having someone who genuinely loves and trusts you is the greatest gift on earth, don’t taint it by cheating. Why? Because a cheater cheats everybody involved out of what is foundationally good about loving relationships. I have only one thing left to say, especially to those who may be thinking about cheating: DON’T DO IT!
Pensacola Helene