Monday, November 25, 2013


The River is here
Help, It’s under me.
The RiVer is here
Oh no, it’s in my house
The rivER is here
OMG, it’s filling my rooms
The River is here
Look, it’s afteR my heart
The River Is here
What? To giVe me a supernatural life!
I’m so Thankful the RivER is here.
       Pensacola Helene

My name is De Pendent, but my friends call me De. I want to tell you about a friend of mine, named Ezekiel. I met him once while walking in a vision. Ezekiel told me he was also a visionary and there was a book dedicated to his life’s work. He said he had purposely come to visit me. 

“Do you know of my work he asked?”

“Yes, I know about many of your stories.”

“Do you know about my vision regarding the River from the Temple.”

“Yes, I know that one very well.”

“What do you know about Temples?”

“In my time I know that temples represent people.”

“In my day they were tents and actual temples. They had to be built and erected with specific instructions from God Himself. We had to follow them to the every detail. Do you know why?”


“Because, once they were finished the River would fill those temples and we personally were able to witness the Glory of God.”

“Wow, how blessed you were to witness that in your day.”

“No, Dee, you are the blessed ones. In your time, once people of the Way are prepared they are now filled with the River and the Glory of God rest upon them and flows from their lives.”

“I don’t see many people in the way you describe them.”

“Well once the Way is prepared within the Temple, it’s up to each prepared person to welcome the River by responding through obedience.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Well, each time the person obeys the River’s instruction, the river flows more and more into that temple. Continued obedience is the payment that’s due and sacrifice that each person makes. Then comes the overflow and God’s glory is witnessed upon that temple. Everyone around them will be able to see it; just like we did back in the Old Temple days.”

“In my vision, you know I saw the River coming into the Temple, but you saw the Water flowing from the temple. Why do you think I saw the opposite?”

“I think many People of the Way, in your times, think the River starts with them. The River must always apprehend the Temple first, or it will simple be a temple; nothing more and nothing less.”

“What do you mean by apprehend?”

“Take loving possession of the temple. The temple must willingly exchange itself for the River’s possession.”

“Most people don’t want to give up possession of themselves.”

“That’s because they are under the impression that it’s an “equal” exchange. What the River offers is so much more that what the temple is giving up. It’s like exchanging a dollar for a billion dollars. The temple gets an immediate benefit once it releases itself to the River. It is the temple’s choice.”

“So the temple must choose to give possession to the River.”

“Yes, the amount of God’s Glory upon the temple is reflective of the amount of possession the temple has given up.”

“Maybe that’s why many of the temples in my day, Ezekiel, are not as glorious as the temples in your day.”

“Maybe not, but I would give anything to be a temple in your day. You have so much to be thankful for. I can’t even imagine the River apprehending me personally, taking possession, and letting me make him Glorious upon the earth.”

“What would you tell the people of my day?”

“What would you have told the people in my day? The one thing about the River is Love, Mercy, and chances. Because the River is longsuffering, your people have another chance to give up possession of their temple in exchange for the Glory of God. In my day, I must admit we received so many blessings for preparing the temple and giving over possession to the River: fellowship with God, food, shelter, protection, guidance, prosperity, peace, rest… I could go on and on…but I must go”

“Thank you for visiting me Ezekiel.” Ezekiel gave De a hug and disappeared from her vision and she woke up.

De Pendent now understood her vision. She had been like Mr. Smith who wanted his roof fixed and was told by the repairman that it would cost $1000.00. He only gave him $600.00 to start. Once the repairman fixed $600.00 worth, he came for the rest of the money, but Mr. Smith kept giving him a dollar here or a dollar there.

 In the meantime, the part of the roof that was not fixed began to rot, and was starting to affect the new roof. The repairman told him if he didn’t simple pay the whole amount, it was going to end up costing him more. The repairman knew, without a doubt, Mr. Smith had the money. Eventually, the old roof began to rot away the new just like the repairman said.

De had been living off the River’s blessings for many years, but had still withheld what was justly due and she was starting to experience rot or lack in parts of her life (Proverbs 11:24-25).

So De went to the River where she found Grace waiting for her and paid what was owed of her life. Immediately she felt restored and her life has never been the same. 

She was now Ezekiel’s temple and the River flowed from her life to others in a way that made a spiritual and social difference.

De Pendent has a lot to be thankful this Thanksgiving Holiday and the feast she will enjoy starts with the River. She hopes your does too!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I got my lists
My grocery list
My lists of names
My guest lists
My lists of games
But my favorite list
Is pretty long
It’s a list about you
And all your wrong.
       Pensacola Helene

Rite and Rong got married and like any other couple they had their share of arguments and offenses. Rong began to notice after a year Rite was keeping a list of his wrongs. One particular thing on the list was the piece of china her grandmother gave her and Rong had dropped it one day by accident. In the second year of marriage Rite actually bought the lists out in the middle of the argument and by that time it was four pages long.

In year six of marriage, she had over a chapter and a half of Rong’s wrongs and the china was still on it. Rong felt pretty bad when he heard all the wrong things he’d done to his wife over the years, but he couldn’t undo many of them. So he apologized, asked for forgiveness, tried to improve, and even had the china repaired, but to no avail.  Rite’s list lived on. Even though Rong apologized for the china and even tried to fix it; Rite felt it was still broken.

However, by the tenth year of marriage, Rong started his own list. He couldn’t wait until their next really big argument. When the day finally came, Rong pulled out his list right along with Rite’s. Every one of his wrongs Rite quoted from her list; he’d quote one from his list. This argument went on for a while, but with every word it changed Rite and Rong into two distance shores. The love they once shared seem to disappear into their lists of wrongs.

Rite was really impacted by the fact that Rong was now keeping a list. It felt bad to hear all her wrongs thrown up in her face like that, but she had done that to Rong for years. Rong had tried to tell her many times that Love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs.  He even showed it to her in the bible and she had heard it at church as well. She missed Rong, but her list had become the ocean between them. How could Rite have been so wrong and Rong so right?

Rite went to Rong with her list, but this time she burned it in the fireplace and she asked Rong was he willing to do the same. Rong shook his head and she looked perplexed. Rong then handed her his list, there was nothing on it. Rite looked confused. “I couldn’t do it, Rite. I love you too much and the love I have for you is enough to cover all your wrongs.”

Rite and Rong lived happily ever after. They learned that nobody is right all the time and wrong is not meant to be kept on a list. And when someone breaks your china and apologizes; the china is still broken. And no matter how carefully they may try to put it back together, it won’t be perfect. Only God can heal completely and we must always give our broken china to God to heal.

No matter how hard we try, we mess up with the ones we love. We do wrong. But don’t start a list or record of that wrong. Instead, forgive others in the same way you want them to forgive you. Right and wrong swings both ways in all relationships. Wrong comes along, taps you on the shoulder and says, “Tag you’re it!!”

 Will you be Rite or Rong?

Pensacola Helene

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pensacola's Pearl of Wisdom: Love is Kind.

Open Heart met Un Kind at a friend’s birthday party and they really hit it off. They decide to meet each other for lunch the next afternoon. Open really liked Un and thought, “What a kind person.” It wasn’t long before they were spending time together. They went to the movies, to church, to the park, and out to eat. As time passed the two of them became very close. Un wanted to rush their relationship along, but Open was a little more cautious and didn’t really see the hurry. Open was happy with Un and knew, in time, they would grow closer.
One sunny day while preparing for a road trip with friends, Un lost patience with Open and shouted, “Stupid!” Of course, Un apologized profusely and Open was forgiving. 

However, those outbursts became more and more frequently, “Can’t you do anything right?” “What an idiot, you are!” “What do you know?” “You are not that smart.” “Do you always have to take so long getting dressed?” Un’s words became more and more meaner as time went on and of course the same old apology followed.

Open began feeling bad and thinking negative things. Depression was occasionally setting in, which was a new experience. The happy feeling was abating and it would be fine if Un moved on. But Un didn’t and when Open tried to talk about the negative words; Un shoved it off as “…no big deal.”
Open remembered something that was learned in Sunday School and would be a sure sign that a relationship included love. It was the words, “love is kind.” Un did a lot of nice things for Open, but was often not kind. No matter how many times Un had said the words, “I love you” Open knew now they were not true.

Open finally broke up with Un because of a well remembered Sunday School lesson, “Love is Kind.”

If there is someone in your life that is “constantly” treating you mean or unkind break it off. You deserve better. Everybody deserves some kindness in life. When we love one another we occasionally hurt one another’s feeling, but it’s the exception not the rule. 1 Corinthians 13 says Love is kind, Measure your relationships by the thermometer of kindness and you will be assured that it includes genuine LOVE.

Pensacola Helene
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