Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pensacola's Pearl of Wisdom: Love is Kind.

Open Heart met Un Kind at a friend’s birthday party and they really hit it off. They decide to meet each other for lunch the next afternoon. Open really liked Un and thought, “What a kind person.” It wasn’t long before they were spending time together. They went to the movies, to church, to the park, and out to eat. As time passed the two of them became very close. Un wanted to rush their relationship along, but Open was a little more cautious and didn’t really see the hurry. Open was happy with Un and knew, in time, they would grow closer.
One sunny day while preparing for a road trip with friends, Un lost patience with Open and shouted, “Stupid!” Of course, Un apologized profusely and Open was forgiving. 

However, those outbursts became more and more frequently, “Can’t you do anything right?” “What an idiot, you are!” “What do you know?” “You are not that smart.” “Do you always have to take so long getting dressed?” Un’s words became more and more meaner as time went on and of course the same old apology followed.

Open began feeling bad and thinking negative things. Depression was occasionally setting in, which was a new experience. The happy feeling was abating and it would be fine if Un moved on. But Un didn’t and when Open tried to talk about the negative words; Un shoved it off as “…no big deal.”
Open remembered something that was learned in Sunday School and would be a sure sign that a relationship included love. It was the words, “love is kind.” Un did a lot of nice things for Open, but was often not kind. No matter how many times Un had said the words, “I love you” Open knew now they were not true.

Open finally broke up with Un because of a well remembered Sunday School lesson, “Love is Kind.”

If there is someone in your life that is “constantly” treating you mean or unkind break it off. You deserve better. Everybody deserves some kindness in life. When we love one another we occasionally hurt one another’s feeling, but it’s the exception not the rule. 1 Corinthians 13 says Love is kind, Measure your relationships by the thermometer of kindness and you will be assured that it includes genuine LOVE.

Pensacola Helene
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