Friday, December 7, 2012


Give me my honor
Give me my due
Give me Give me Give me
I need honor from you.
No I don’t
Never you Mind
I have my honor
I’m done chasing your behind
Pensacola Helene

HiNy moped around the park as she thought about how her friends, Insult and Injury, had just dishonored her in front of all their friends. Insult and Injury were always doing that to people. Insult made HiNy feel bad about herself and Injury broke her heart with his actions. 

She tried to do things and say things to make them change their minds about her, but to no avail. She tried to please and prove to them she deserved their honor, but it was like chasing the wind. She kept feeling worse and worse and began badgering herself with her own negative thoughts and their words in her head. Were they right?  She thought so and therefore kept chasing after Insult and Injury to give her the honor she felt she was due from them. CHASING...CHASING....CHASING.

As HiNy watched others that day she saw dishonor all around her and it was even more depressing.  She saw husbands and wives dishonor each other through infidelity. Children dishonored parents. Siblings dishonored other siblings. Business people dishonored consumers. Political leaders dishonored constituents. One ethnic group dishonored another ethnic group. Friends dishonored friendships. Gossips dishonored character. Spiritual and non-spiritual people dishonored God. Just as she was thinking about God; she ran right smack into God.

God was radiant, magnificent, and full of grandeur. Without thinking she responded, “Glory!” God was also smiling and HiNy grimaced. How could God smile with all this dishonor around? So she asked the question:

“Don’t you feel saddened by the way people dishonor you?” God opened his left hand and HiNy saw riches and honor. God said:

 “I possess Honor”


“I possess my own Honor. Honor is simply your value and worth. I possess my own value and worth.”

“Don’t you want people to honor you as well?”

“Sure, but I don’t solicit honor from people. When people recognize it, they automatically honor me in exchange.”

“What about all those people who don’t honor or recognize your worth and value?”

“It doesn’t matter how people dishonor me; it never changes or diminishes what I own.” God opened his left hand again. “I still possess honor”

“I wish I could be like you God.”

“You can. I created everyone with a purpose. God-given purpose IS worth and value. Do you know what your name stands for HiNY?”

“No Sir.”

“It stands for: Honor Is N You.”


“People can’t steal your God-given honor unless they can get you to believe you don’t possess it. Open your hand HiNy” 

HiNy opened her hand and realized she too possessed honor. When she looked back up towards God he had disappeared, but she felt the impact of his lesson. Knowing she possessed honor and didn’t have to solicit it from others… changed her life forever. HiNy remembered the words of King David in the Good Book, “…O Lord my God, You are very great. You have CLOTHED Yourself with …. HONOR.” Psalm 104:1

From that day forward, HiNy clothed herself with her God-given Honor! She began to appreciate all that she was created to BE and others saw it too. Those who recognized her God-given purpose honored her and even Insult and Injury were silenced.

Honor was bestowed upon you from God; who created you with a purpose. Purpose is not so much in the DOING, as it is in the BEING. Therefore, purpose is most often seen in the small, but grand ways of being somebody. Your purpose may be as simple as being a loving or kind person. Or being a good example of a parent or obedient child, or trustworthy friend. Whatever it is, don’t let anyone steal your purpose for being, because it is "YOUR HONOR."

This year decide to stop chasing what you already possess. 


“….In her left hand [and yours] are riches and honor.” Proverbs 3:16

Pensacola Helene


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I was the one
Different for the rest
The odd ball
Never passing the popular test.
But, a voice said one day, "Usually
Unusual is not Usual"
Did you hear it?
Was you?
Was it me?
Or was it our destiny?
    Pensacola Helene

Hi My name is Bobby
Bobby the Bad Eagle and Pete the Peregrine Falcon grew up together in a bird village in North America. Bobby and Pete were close friends. Bobby didn't like being different from the rest of his classmates and he always felt like the odd ball out. There were a few other eagle families there too, but they seem to fit in just fine with the Falcons. Eagles and Falcons talked about their common hunting skills, the 100% no divorce rate among them, as well as the similar talons, and beaks. Unfortunately, Bobby focused only on how he was different. Maybe that was because his classmates always teased him about his long wings, or how he sometimes flew too high during a game, or how much slower he was than everyone else when it came to flying. Even though the Falcons were about 10 pounds lighter with a 40 inch wingspan; they were the fastest birds in the world. Pete always encouraged Bobby and told him he had the most unusual traits of them all.  Pete promised him constantly that one day his differences would become his destiny.

Forget a destiny, Bobby would often think to himself. He didn't want to have unusual traits; he just wanted to fit in. Though he was an eagle, he was allowed on the Falcon football team because he had good eyesight and could see the game plays a mile away.

One day, in his last year of high, school; the football team flew away to a nearby training camp. Of course on the way the Falcons took off leaving Bobby in the dust. When he arrived, he discovered the Falcons hadn't made it yet. They were surprised to find Bobby there before them and wondered how that had happened. Bobby discovered that even though the Falcons had speed they didn't have endurance and he could fly longer distances without stopping.

Soaring above the Storm
There were many discoveries for Bobby that year. A big storm hit their village and Bobby was able to fly to a high place and soar peacefully above the storm. His huge wings allowed the winds to lift him high until it was over. He didn't see any of his Falcon friends because they didn't posses the ability to soar like Bobby.

Another event left him speechless. He and the rest of the Football team were going through molting season. The Falcons lost all their feathers and could no longer fly. But Bobby lost his feathers in a rotational way which allowed him to continue to fly at all times.

At graduation Bobby had about 7000 feathers and he looked awesome. School officials said Bobby's feathers weighed about one pound and his wingspan was about 8 or 9 feet long. His teammates had a new respect for his unusual differences. So did Bobby. Humans used Bobby's picture as a symbol of the United States. Bobby taught his fellow birds and humans that fast is not always better, if you have no endurance; that fitting in won't help, during the times, you need to soar above a stormy circumstance, and that having a different built or make-up, or look, or shape may be the very reason you will be able to fly when everyone else is grounded. Bobby, the Bald Eagle still models and teaches these principles to this very day.

What if being different is not so bad after all? Most people think if you don't fit the mold something is wrong, but maybe that's not true. Maybe your destiny is tied up with you being different and being the oddball in your family, your community, and among your peers. A man once said, he knew someone who gave his whole life for "a [group of] peculiar people." Maybe you are a member of that group and you were not designed to be "normal" or to "fit in" or "be like everyone else." Bobby, the Bad Eagle, wasn't disrespectful or unlawful or a bad person. He was just different.

So listen one more time to the voice that said, "Usually Unusual is not Usual..." Did you hear it? Is it YOU? Is it ME? Is it your DESTINY?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


What is wrong with thinking about me?
What is wrong with thinking about myself?
What is wrong with thinking about I?
Me, myself, and I; we always think about one another
Just because we're selfish
....doesn't mean we don't love each other.

Meet the Selfish Family
Me, myself, and I grew up in the selfish family. They were triplets who lived in the town of Ego. The boys had some unique characteristics and they were magical too. Me was the oldest of the bunch and he could cause people to be self-seeking. Myself was the middle boy and he had the ability to make people self-absorbed, and I could make people self-centered. Me, Myself, and I received many visitors from all over the world whom came to the town of Ego. They watched their little town grow to a big city, then a big metropolitan, and now it was almost a small nation. Me, myself, and I had cast their spells on many "willing" people and they were rolling in the ego dough.

 It was amazing how many people walked the streets of Ego; having left broken hearts, disappointments, abuses, and carelessness in their wake. Once the selfish trio entered the hearts of people with their magical characteristics it was hard to get them out. They were famous!!! But one day a little boy was born, somewhere in the Middle East, and they began to hear rumors about him having the power to change people's heart. This boy had the power to remove and replace the selfish family out of the hearts of some of their best clients. Me, Myself, and I were worried.  Me, Myself, and I never knew the boy's name, but they heard rumors his name might be Philanthropic or something like. Afraid of losing business they left Ego for the first time and began to spread their magic everywhere.

Oh NO!
Here's what begin to happen: Tommy left his wife after twenty-two years of marriage for another woman. Susan took Michelle's lunch money and pushed her to the ground. Betty's brothers never helped her care for their 94 year old mother, even though they lived in the same town. Ben stole millions of dollars from people's retirement fund. Linda only talks about herself and her needs. Steve beat his wife and blamed her for it. Brenda broke up with Dan for John, because he had more money.  Sally stole Anthony's idea and got rich off of it. Dorothy cheated on her final exam and became the top student. Meanwhile, Me, Myself, and I cheered and clapped at their success and when they returned to Ego town; it had become a big nation.

By that time the little boy from the Middle East had become a man and had been around for years; he'd gained a big following as well. Some people called his followers People of The Way, but Me, Myself, and I had infiltrated that group too. Unlike, the Philanthropist, many of them didn't feed the poor, or help the widows, or do anything for orphans, and it was obvious they didn't care for each other. Many of them were just like the citizens of Ego Town and the Selfish family felt a sense of pride.

Me, Myself, and I still live in Ego Town to this day, but they don't have to work anymore, their followers do all the work for them. If you look around or maybe in your own heart you'll discover a little of their magic working in your own life. I hear if you check out the guy from the Middle East he might have some Words that can help.

I met the guy from the Middle East.  His words helped a lot. He said: Think of others. Love one another. Do something for someone else on occasion. Make sacrifices. Don't just "get yours," but help someone "get theirs" too. Bear one another's burdens.  Be kind. Show consideration. Be compassionate. Give honor and respect where it is due.  Do unto others as you want them to do unto to you. Once I started doing those things my whole life changed and I found real magic in the unselfish acts of life. Reciprocity it also a wonderful side effect.

Break up with Yourself
Self's selfish selfishness  invites the dangerous trio , Me, Myself, and I into your life. Don't be fooled by their angel of light charm, because Me, Myself, and I's magical ways are synonymous with trickery. Therefore, be careful of choosing your best interest over what is lovingly right for the person next to you. By all means love yourself, but in the process love others too.