Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pearl of Wisdom: Who's the "real" Fool?

There are people who make commitments or promises and with everything in their fiber they remain faithful no matter what. It doesn’t mean that there are no challenges to being faithful, but its value lies within the heart of the individual. Faithful people want others to know they can be depended on and that alone provides the ones they love with a sense of emotional safety. However, too many of us have known or experienced the pain of unfaithfulness, especially in regard to romantic or marital relationships. The Good Book distinctly says that an unfaithful person lacks sense and destroys his or her own soul. Yet the faithful man or woman often feels like the fool or is called a fool because they remained faithful during the relationship. However, one is never a fool who honors love by being faithful to their word and true to their own nature. I know by experience the piercing arrow of unfaithfulness and I am determined never to do that to another human being. I walked away with my dignity and character in tact and have been fortunate to find a new faithful love. I truly value faithfulness in myself and others. Is it an awesome trait to possess and one most people hope to find in anyone they pledge their hearts to; including, I hope, their own heart. A fool, you see, is a person who “acts unwisely” or is “deficit” in character. Faithfulness demonstrates both wisdom and depth of character, so the question needs to be asked of the unfaithful: Who’s the “real” fool?
Pensacola Helene