Friday, December 6, 2013

Pearl of Wisdom: Love's Agenda

Love covers many offenses. Love is fully forgiving and doesn’t keep a record of wrongs. Love is enduring. Love suffers long in order to grace the recipient of love with the chance to get it right. Love is faithful. Love is loyal. Love makes a sacrifice and therefore will always be costly. Love continues, even if it does not receive anything in return. Love does not come with a wage attachment, where others must earn it from you. Love does not come with a merit tag, where others must deserve it from you. Love doesn’t measure worth, because it is the love that establishes value onto the recipient. Love is free towards the recipient of it and therefore will not demand anything in return. Love won’t change, even if the recipient changes, walks away, rejects it, follows after another, is unfaithful, or totally forgets about love’s offers. Love is concerned with what it can give to another. Love’s only agenda is Love.
Pensacola Helene