Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pearl of Wisdom: The Desert of Insignificance

In the desert of insignificance you find people:
Feeding others; when they themselves are hungry
Giving out drinks; while being thirsty
Embracing others; yet longing to be held
Providing for other people’s needs and left wanting
Calming the cries around them and holding back their own tears
Laughing out loud and mourning silently
Surrounded by people and lonely
Loving others and longing for love
Accomplished, rewarded, with renown and yet empty

What happened? The desert of insignificance resides in the heart. It’s an internal condition. It’s about the loss of significance of the Person. Somehow in all our busyness in life, we somehow become forgotten and abandoned. While not having denied the needs of others; your own needs are left depleted. You have paid sufficient attention to others, but inattention has been bestowed upon you. 

It has left you in a place of emotional lack. Though you have been fulfilling your life with the busyness of living and collecting and gathering; a sense of insignificance was immerging in your own heart. Busyness, the desire for acceptance, the need to achieve or be accomplished, and the lusts for importance made all your offerings, trinkets, and stuff significant, but NOT YOU. 

Most people don’t realize it’s not them, but their stuff that’s significant until the sand is under their feet. The desert of insignificance is an emotional desert, a wasteland, a place of desertion, and a barren region in the heart and many go there to either visit or stay. Some visitors meet the Water of Life  and return saying:

I had to GO to the desert for a drink of water

Genuine love makes YOU significant and LOVE is the water that continually refreshes the heart and the spirit. People can care about all your toys, your stuff, your trinkets, your beauty, and your offerings, but not quite make it to caring about you. It may not matter in the beginning, but eventually it will. 

The Desert of Insignificance is a dark place. If you find yourself there one day, look for the Great Light and let the Water of Life refresh your significance with everlasting Love “for YOU” and not your stuff.

Pensacola Helene
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