Saturday, October 22, 2011


Did I say thank you yesterday as I walked along the way?
Did I stop and smile as I walked the next mile?
Did I sit somewhere, to revel in the care?
As I climb the hill, yes I will tell "Special" how I feel.
Pensacola Helene

Thank You Special Person
Bomb was the middle child in his family and the attention was usually divvied up between his older brother and younger sister. His esteem was so-so, but he often felt as if he didn't belong and was out of place in his own family. It wasn't that he wasn't loved, it was just different with him than with his siblings. His sister had his father and his brother had his mother, but he didn't have anybody really. Bomb was an artistic and talented writer and he showed signs of it in his elementary years. His writing abilities didn't really motivate him to believe he could do anything great and he just did what he needed to get through school and life. Since no one seemed to have any real interest in him, he never really bonded too much with anyone and had trouble establishing relationships because of his growing lack of interest. But before he completely sunk into that hole; something happened to change his life. 

His uncle, whom he was named after, but everyone called him by his last name, Diggity, came for a long visit. Uncle Diggity had been out of the country for years and he was moving back to town. Bomb felt a spark of interest just meeting him for some strange reason. He was a great uncle to them all, but he paid particular attention to Bomb. His uncle took him to the library, a children's book club, and they enrolled in a creative writing class together. His uncle did throw in football games, an amusement park, and other activities as well. His uncle's love and attention forced him to use his writing abilities in a new light and he learned to appreciate his creative side. He even began to feel a part of the family. Bomb came alive that summer and he found ways to express himself through his journal and short stories. He asked his uncle over and over why he seemed to favor him. He wasn't complaining, but his sister and brother were usually the center of attention. His uncle never answered him, but just smiled and over the years Uncle Diggity was the best uncle anybody could ask for.

Bomb was getting ready to graduate high school, when he saw a note his uncle had written in his journal years before. Why hadn't he ever noticed it before? It simply said, "Nephew, you da Bomb Diggity, man. Love Unk" His uncle said that to him numerous times and he thought it was another crazy saying he'd made up. His uncle made up words all the time. Bomb decided to look it up and was surprised to actually find a definition.  According to his urban dictionary, bomb diggity meant awesome.
Of course Bomb went on to be a famous author for children's books. His first book was about a middle child and his uncle. Guess what the title was? Yep, "You da Bomb Diggity."

Take a moment and thank the people who believed you, believed in your talent, and believed in your awesomeness... way before it was ever manifested. It really is good to have people who love and care about you...say "You da Bomb Diggity." Do you agree fellow bloggers? Me too! I thank all the people who have done that for me and are still showing me that kind of love! Yep,.... you too... are "Da Bomb Diggity!"

Pensacola Helene
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