Monday, October 31, 2011


The itty bitty mind is afraid to leave its place

The itty bitty mind is afraid of the open space.

The itty bitty mind never a road to pave

The itty bitty mind lives on the mountaintop in a cave

Pensacola Helene

On my way to the Valley
Itty Bitty and his friends Chance and Opportunity lived in the Valley of No Dreams. They had decided to leave, but didn't know where to go yet. One day while walking along the road, outside the city, they were talking about the valley situation and wondering was there something different somewhere else in the world. Suddenly they came upon an old sage who gave them a toothless smile and gestured for them to come near. They all walked towards him, but Itty Bitty stayed back a little ways. "I heard your conversation" the old sage said, "I know how you can do something different with your lives." 

 "How?" Chance asked, always the one looking for different possibilities." 

"You must journey toward the mountaintop." The three young men looked at each other, then back at the old sage.

"Are you talking about going to Mount DCT (short for Dreams Come True)?" The old sage nodded.

"That's really risky!! There is no guarantee you'll make it." Itty Bitty yelled from the distance.

The sage turned from Itty Bitty and asked his friends. "Would you want to miss your chance or opportunity to be a writer and a movie producer?"

"Why should we believe you anyways? Who are you and why aren't you on Mount DCT?" Opportunity said as he broke into the conversation.

"I am the voice of your dreams. Some people call me Father Destiny. I'm on Mount DCT right now, even as we speak. Come pay me a visit. Do it quickly, this is your time. Remember, when you don't take chances and opportunities when they come along, it could alter your future forever." The old sage smiled one last time and disappeared. 

The three boys jumped up and down as they realized their dreams could become a reality. Quickly, they make a decision to go to Mount DCT. Along the way Itty Bitty stopped and told them he couldn't go. He had decided to go to the Valley of Dreams instead. He tried desperately to get his two friends to go with him, but they would not listen. Chance said to his childhood friend, "Sorry Itty Bitty, but I'm going with Opportunity." And Opportunity said, "Yea, man. Sorry, but I'm going with Chance." The three lifelong friends parted ways.

Itty Bitty got all kinds of reports and good news from his friends. He really thought it was going to be different in the Valley of Dreams than in the Valley of No Dreams, but it wasn't. It was almost the same. People with dreams and people without dreams end up in the same condition. The majority of people with dreams never take the chance or opportunity to do anything different. His friends invited him to Mount DCT many times and he saw the old sage a few more times as well, but he felt himself becoming more and more complacent.

Eventually, the Valley of Dreams became just as crowed as the Valley of No Dreams and Itty Bitty finally went to Mount DCT. But something had changed. Itty Bitty realized his thoughts had gotten small from living  with his own itty bitty mind and in small places. He had become like the company he'd kept. Somewhere along the way his dreams had become no dreams.  Itty Bitty bought a Cave on Mount DCT and that's where he lives to this day.

A dream is just a dream until you make it come true. You have to do something or like Itty Bitty your dream might as well be no dream. Dreams come alive in the doing and they are the wonderful dynamics of life no matter the level of success that is achieved. Too many people are living sad, mundane lives because they left their dreams in the valley. An itty bitty mind can keep you in itty bitty places. Go to the Mountain and do it today!!!

Pensacola Helene
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