Tuesday, February 7, 2012


What is wrong with thinking about me?
What is wrong with thinking about myself?
What is wrong with thinking about I?
Me, myself, and I; we always think about one another
Just because we're selfish
....doesn't mean we don't love each other.

Meet the Selfish Family
Me, myself, and I grew up in the selfish family. They were triplets who lived in the town of Ego. The boys had some unique characteristics and they were magical too. Me was the oldest of the bunch and he could cause people to be self-seeking. Myself was the middle boy and he had the ability to make people self-absorbed, and I could make people self-centered. Me, Myself, and I received many visitors from all over the world whom came to the town of Ego. They watched their little town grow to a big city, then a big metropolitan, and now it was almost a small nation. Me, myself, and I had cast their spells on many "willing" people and they were rolling in the ego dough.

 It was amazing how many people walked the streets of Ego; having left broken hearts, disappointments, abuses, and carelessness in their wake. Once the selfish trio entered the hearts of people with their magical characteristics it was hard to get them out. They were famous!!! But one day a little boy was born, somewhere in the Middle East, and they began to hear rumors about him having the power to change people's heart. This boy had the power to remove and replace the selfish family out of the hearts of some of their best clients. Me, Myself, and I were worried.  Me, Myself, and I never knew the boy's name, but they heard rumors his name might be Philanthropic or something like. Afraid of losing business they left Ego for the first time and began to spread their magic everywhere.

Oh NO!
Here's what begin to happen: Tommy left his wife after twenty-two years of marriage for another woman. Susan took Michelle's lunch money and pushed her to the ground. Betty's brothers never helped her care for their 94 year old mother, even though they lived in the same town. Ben stole millions of dollars from people's retirement fund. Linda only talks about herself and her needs. Steve beat his wife and blamed her for it. Brenda broke up with Dan for John, because he had more money.  Sally stole Anthony's idea and got rich off of it. Dorothy cheated on her final exam and became the top student. Meanwhile, Me, Myself, and I cheered and clapped at their success and when they returned to Ego town; it had become a big nation.

By that time the little boy from the Middle East had become a man and had been around for years; he'd gained a big following as well. Some people called his followers People of The Way, but Me, Myself, and I had infiltrated that group too. Unlike, the Philanthropist, many of them didn't feed the poor, or help the widows, or do anything for orphans, and it was obvious they didn't care for each other. Many of them were just like the citizens of Ego Town and the Selfish family felt a sense of pride.

Me, Myself, and I still live in Ego Town to this day, but they don't have to work anymore, their followers do all the work for them. If you look around or maybe in your own heart you'll discover a little of their magic working in your own life. I hear if you check out the guy from the Middle East he might have some Words that can help.

I met the guy from the Middle East.  His words helped a lot. He said: Think of others. Love one another. Do something for someone else on occasion. Make sacrifices. Don't just "get yours," but help someone "get theirs" too. Bear one another's burdens.  Be kind. Show consideration. Be compassionate. Give honor and respect where it is due.  Do unto others as you want them to do unto to you. Once I started doing those things my whole life changed and I found real magic in the unselfish acts of life. Reciprocity it also a wonderful side effect.

Break up with Yourself
Self's selfish selfishness  invites the dangerous trio , Me, Myself, and I into your life. Don't be fooled by their angel of light charm, because Me, Myself, and I's magical ways are synonymous with trickery. Therefore, be careful of choosing your best interest over what is lovingly right for the person next to you. By all means love yourself, but in the process love others too.