Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Tricky Tricky Truth about Love

The Tricky Tricky Truth about Love
It swings emotions from side to side
The Tricky Tricky Truth about Love
No matter how crazy
I still want to take the ride
Pensacola Helene

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The Tricky Tricky Truth
Theodore and Olivia's hearts bonded in the greatest connection and separated in the harshest of ways that two people can experience. It was a nightmare and a dream come true at the same time. It was like experiencing a mind-boggling orgasm in one moment and impotency in the next. It was sheer madness and utter joy. It was the appearance of peace and the jar of unrest. It was immense satisfaction and mammoth starvation. No human being could see-saw this way forever, but Theodore and Olivia had for a long time. The presence of the things we deem good and those we deem bad fought for dominance in their lives and Theodore knew it could only be one victor … one possible outcome.

Theodore McMasters thought as life goes on and you mature, experiences will change you for the better or for the worst. Life’s choices often challenge you with options like sink or swim, life or death, right or wrong and perhaps, divorce or stay married. Theodore decided to stay married. It wasn’t about him. It was about God, it was about the five pairs of eyes that were always looking at him through his children and it was about Olivia, the wayward wife that he loved in spite of it all. The years continued to pass and he could write a book about the blessings he, Olivia, and his family had encountered. To complain seemed an ungrateful thing to do, but he had a host of them that haunted him off and on over the years. His wife had enjoyed long months of sobriety and dark months of addiction. It was the ebb and flow of their lives together.

The McMasters’ happy times seem more like long commercial breaks – the part most people saw - but behind closed doors the real drama and real story continued……

Theodore and Olivia are a man and woman in a troubling relationship. Would you stay with a woman or man who was battling a drug addiction? Have you ever experienced a relationship that caused your emotions to swing from side to side? Did you stay? Did you go? The secrets to a long marriage are not always the ones people tell you. I will. Find out about the tricky tricky truth about love in my book "No Greater Love than This."

Blog at you Later,
Pensacola Helene

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