Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pearl of Wisdom: After the Holidays

After the holidays, people often experience a let down feeling or post-holiday depression. For a while they had a reason to be happy, playful, celebrate, and have a good time. But now it’s back to work, back to busy, back to routine, back to boredom, back to serious, back to lonely, and the normalcy of life. It’s time to take the tree down, store away the decorations, get the children back in school mode, deal with holiday debt, get back to the office, motivate yourself to keep the new year’s resolution, or face some other kind of dim or unexciting reality. The happy and festive salutations and greetings are over and there seems to be nothing to look forward to for months. But an old wise woman told me the secret of maintaining that same holiday spirit throughout the year and I want to share that secret with you. She said you must learn to celebrate life in small doses all year long, so when holidays do come along they won’t “seem” much different than any other day. Let holidays, like regular days, be a continuation of days where you participant in the things in life that give you pleasure. These things may be: giving to others year round, buying “no reason” gifts, making Sunday dinner for family and/or friends, going to the movies or shopping, making lunch or coffee dates, having a party, paying a surprise visit to someone local or out-of-town, or simply sharing a good conversation or spending time with your BFF/Spouse. Keeping the balance in your non-holiDAYS is the key. When you celebrate life in small doses on a regular basis, then after the Holidays, you will simply step right back into everyday life without missing a beat.
Pensacola Helene