Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pensacola's Pearl of Wisdom: Men and their Emotions

A big relationship faux pas is thinking that men have no emotional investment in their relationships with women. According to research the emotional ability of men and women are the same, but how they express them is different. The Good Book directs both men and women to love each other and thus he gave them what they needed to carry it out: emotions and choice. Men “having” emotions may not be the issue as much as feeling emotionally safe with someone enough to trust them with those emotions.

Trusting someone with your emotions is built over a period of time. Being emotionally safe with someone has nothing to do with being a man or a woman; as much as it has to do with one person trusting another person with something as precious as their deepest emotions. Emotions are like precious treasures and should be shared with someone who will value them as you do. A man or woman will gladly and without effort open their hearts to a person they feel is SAFE. 

Society has a tendency to think that men are different emotionally than women, but they are only different in expression, not in the level or depth in which they are able to love, to feel, or experience deep emotions. Their hearts and emotions are at risk just like a woman's when they become emotionally involved. Every man is not emotionally dangerous and every woman is not emotionally safe. If you want your man or woman to open up to you, you must ask yourself: AM I SAFE? CAN I BE TRUSTED WITH ANOTHER PERSON"S DEEPEST EMOTIONS? 

Men are often trapped by the stereotypes that society has placed on them. Yes, they are physically different, but men are often treated emotionally unfair because of their group membership. And yes their emotional expression is different; just as a woman’s logical expression is different, but it doesn’t mean men do not have emotions or women do not have logic. Don’t prejudge a man’s emotional ability just because he’s a man, but try to understand emotional expression from his point of view and experiences.

Even a super masculine man and a  super feminine woman can discover that emotionally they can meet each other in a place where they both feel equally SAFE expressing their love to each other. One man said: "There is nothing greater than being able to lay your emotions safely inside the heart of the one you love."
Pensacola Helene