Monday, October 3, 2011

Belly Laughs and Joy flips

It is good to laugh those belly laughs and there's nothing like joy flips of the heart. These are contagious behaviors and an excellent way to get through the up and downs of life on our dream journeys. Your gifts will eventually get you there, but have fun along the way.
Pensacola Helene

Try twice a day, for six weeks with sound!!!
It's good to take life serious and be responsible or accountable for ourselves and others, but this doesn't mean we have to do it with sour faces and sad-sack personas. When we are pursuing our writing careers and other gifts it could potentially increase the level of stress in your life. Most people don't realize how negative attitudes, long-lasting disappointments, and hopeless perceptions can affect their health by breaking down the immune systems and reducing the lifespan. 

A person's immune system could become clogged or stopped up allowing waste and fluids to get stuck in the tissues and organs and hinder its ability to clean the body naturally. That's how sickness and disease comes along to affect health and well-being. But a good laugh, like Drano, can actually unclog or unstop those blockages to assist your body's ability to keep things flowing and moving the way it should. 

Most people want to live a long, full life and are interested in all benefits to physical health that correlates with long life and well-being. Laughter is said to benefit  individuals by helping to prevent  hypertension, reduce pain, balance your hormones, exercise and relax your muscles and heart, increase oxygen levels thus enhancing energy, and jump starting your circulatory system. Boy, where can we get some of that from?

Everybody's humor is different. Only you know what makes you laugh and feel joyful. But if you need some help here's some suggestions: Read a comic book, watch comedies on television, go to a comedy show or funny movie, play fun games with friends, have a party, laugh at yourself or with family and friends or listen to some good jokes. Whatever it takes discover what makes you laugh and do it at least twice daily.

I promise you'll experience the healing effects right away and in six weeks you will be a totally different person. I want you to succeed in all your writing and gifted endeavors, but do it with  Belly laughs and joy flips. HA!! HA!!

Pensacola Helene