Monday, October 17, 2011

Gimme Gimme Gumdrops

Gimme Gimme Gumdrops I said to the little boy,
Gimme Gimme Gumdrops so I can have "your" joy.
Gimme Gimme Gumdrops, stepping over folks day by day
Gimme Gimme Gumdrops I have to get my pay
Gimme Gimme Gumdrops, my relationships are gruff
Gimme Gimme Gumdrops all I got is stuff
Pensacola Helene

Gimme Gimme Gumdrops
Gree Dee was friends with Am Bition when he was younger. Am Bition was friends with Bene Fit, Gree Dee never really liked Bene Fitt and thought he was soft. However, they all parted ways after high school. Am Bition went all to touch people's lives with the motivation to reach goals and make great strides in life. Bene Fitt went on to help people all over the world and give them opportunities to live more fuller and productive lives. Gree Dee went on to take all he could get for himself, without regard for others. He took other people's turns in line, their promotion, their money, their spouses, their homes, or their opportunities. Gree Dee always had his hand out, but only to receive. He took everything he could, from anybody he could and he didn't care how they felt about it. But one day Gree Dee, now a multi-millionaire, saw a little boy with some gumdrops and he said, "Gimme, Gimme Gumdrops" and the little boy handed him the bag of gumdrops. Gree Dee took all of them but one and scurried away. He could hear the boy crying in the distance. "Gree Dee took MY gumdrops! Gree Dee took MY gumdrops!" It was at that moment he knew he'd sunk to an all time low; now he had taken candy from a baby. And it wasn't easy as the old idiom claimed. His whole life flashed before his eyes. Gree Dee had gained immense wealth along with all the things and stuff he wanted in life, but he had lost his wife, children, family, many close friends, and most of all... love.

Many of us have gifts and talents and the motivation to go along with it. But too many people start out with honest ambition hoping to benefit others along the way and end up with greedy. We care more about gaining than we do about what's right and fair - not only ourselves, but others too. Thinking of self is very tempting in a culture that promotes individualism and autonomous behaviors. Such a culture encourages individuals to go after their dreams and goals in ways that often take priority over what's good for one's immediate family group, the extended family group, a friend group, or any other significant group. As the promises of fame and fortune overtake the mind and the heart it becomes harder and harder to sacrifice personal goals and dreams for the sake of others; even if it's the right thing to do. I'm not knocking going after your dreams, but be a good person on your journey. Don't let a greedy spirit blind your heart or corrupt your thinking. You can end up with a lot of stuff, or trinkets, or toys and still actually be broke.

Try to blend good character into your journey of personal ambition. If you are good to people along the way and for some reason you ever fall back, you'll be able to find someone to pick you up. Be willing to sacrifice your own personal ambitions sometimes, for the sake of those you love or simply for the common good of others. That good deed will return to you two-fold. When you stick your hand out, make sure it's with the intention of reciprocity either to that person giving to you or to another. 

Greed lives alone and never has enough. That's why greed sits on the corners of life in the hearts of over consumption whispering, "Gimme, Gimme, Gumdrops..."

Pensacola Helene