Saturday, May 24, 2014

I Called you to Know Me: God's Love - Day 6

Its amazing how we always follow the cliches without really thinking them through. We quote them when they are convenient for our lifestyles. Like the one that says, "Variety is the spice of life."

There are a variety of flowers, a variety of animals, a variety of butterflies, a variety of trees, a variety of ethnicity's, a variety of birds.. but they all come from ONE source or through ONE WAY.....the Living and Creative God.

So when you are witnessing variety in life; you are actually witnessing the glory of ONE WAY or ONE SOURCE.

If God is the ONE WAY to many varieties why would we not follow Jesus (the WAY) who leads us to the SOURCE of  ALL VARIETY.

If the SOURCE of ALL VARIETY lives in You, how would that ONE WAY (ONE SOURCE) increase your life's options?

God's message to His Children: My Dear Children, it is hard watching you look for ways to prove you are somebody. I watch you choose from an variety of the world's beauty in order to be somebody based on their standards. I watch you perform for others as a way to prove you're somebody. I watch as you gravel and walk over each other in other to reach a level of social status as a way to prove you're somebody. You will never find your identity in those things and eventually, even if you gain all that you want, you will end up unhappy and unfulfilled.  It is my love for you that makes you somebody and gives your life meaning and purpose. When you come to know that truth; it will set you free. I will make your life a variety of things. I am your ONE WAY. I am your ONE SOURCE. I will make your one life into options, varieties, and abundance. Do not believe what you DO determines who you are. It is knowing Me, God and learning your identity in Christ that will determine the variety of things I, God, will wroth from your life. Come to me. I have EVERYTHING you are looking for. If variety is the spice of life; then I am the Spice in the variety.